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We are a creative collective based in Los Angeles with a background in fine arts and media design. Our studio provides our clients a one stop shop for developing creative endeavors from the ideation phase all the way through to implementation. We give our clients the tools to attract the attention their brand needs in order to help differentiate and create a memorable impact.

Our main focus is in managing the media productions such as Animations, Live Action Video, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Brand Design, Corporate UX/UI and Mural Installations. If you are ready to have some fun and get creative please contact our creative team today for a consultation.

A Brief History

The Street Art Loft was founded in 2013 by Lori Monaco and Michael Cook.  The two wanted to collaborate on something where their mutual passion for art, design and creativity would come to life.  Beginning their adventure by opening a small storefront outside Los Angeles where they could take on all types of creative projects, produce avant-garde art shows, and inspire a community with their passion for design. 

During that time, Michael and Lori continued pushing themselves, evolving the business and creating something innovative and inspiring that reached beyond their community.  So, after three years of managing creative projects at their storefront, they decided to expand their reach and perform more design initiatives focusing on the corporate and commercial world.  

"We want to be the organization companies can lean on to uncover their edge against the competition and create cost effective advertising and brand campaigns."  - Michael Cook

With expertise in organizational leadership and all forms of creativity and design, these two along with their talent pool make for a dynamic team that elevates any creative initiative. 

"We manage the productions of talent from street artists, videographers, and animators. We want to help companies make their creative projects an easy, efficient, on-time and on-budget process."  - Lori Monaco

We are ready to assist and guide with any and all creative designs ,  The Street Art Loft is ready to help.